Holding Hands

Below is the story of one of our patients. We are proud to share it with you. 

"This is a testimony to how much this facility and its respective doctors and specialists mean to me, my family, and my friends. In August, 2003, I was addicted to painkillers and to the lifestyle that came with it. I was also a father to two small boys. However, that did not deter me from continuing my path of destruction. I ended up losing my family, kids, and any friends that I still had at that time. I went to rehab. I did the court order regiments; however, it was not until Dr. Z and his staff that I finally believed in myself and got the proper diagnosis. I am proud to say that I have regained full custody of my children, my career is better than ever, and my sobriety is as stable as it has ever been. I still have a way to go but eventually I will be able to live a life without any type of assistance. Until that day, Dr. Z and his medical staff continue to save my life and make sure that I value it well. I owe a lot to this program; however, if I had not done it myself, it would not have worked. I am grateful and thankful for Dr. Z and his staff for meeting me half way - and sometimes more than half - way to make sure I continue my sobriety and my great life. Thanks for everything. Love you all. RB"