Weight Management Clinic

Healthy Living Medical Servces, LLC (HLMS)

Dawit Zemichael, MD, MS

Weight Management Clinic (Medical Weight Loss)

Mission Statement:

We at Healthy Living Medical Services LLC (HLMS) are committed to a high level of service, integrity and understanding of our patients needs. Thank you for selecting us for your healthcare needs in your medical weight loss journey.

HLMS offers a thorough evaluation by qualified professional, offering the best services to patients with medical conditions, such as childhood obesity. The long term effects of excessive weight are high blood pressure, breathing, i.e. Respiratory Difficulties, Decreased Libido, Rapid Aging, increased chances for cancer related illnesses and in females, Hormonal Imbalance such as Polycystic Ovarian Disease.

We offer many different diet plans for weight loss for each individual. A weight loss program should involve the care and knowledge of medical professionals who provide a specified treatment program to fit your weight loss needs. Dr. Zemichael has a lifelong dedication and passion in health and fitness which can benefit patients providing them tools for long term weight loss success. You will be under the guidance of medical staff that understands the frustrations and challenges of weight loss.

We will provide instruction in how to choose healthy and satisfying meals, while prescribing an appetite suppressant to support your nutritional challenges. There are no required foods to buy and everything is simple, with lots of variety to include all food groups. Your program will be nutritionally balanced and be enjoyed by the whole family. There is no Glycemic index or Glycemic load calculations calories or points to count. Knowing the demands of a busy lifestyle we give you suggestions for eating out, social and business events, vacations and holidays with family.

We believe in healthy weight loss involving, eating healthy, exercising and portion control- (monitoring progress while making you aware of portion control). Appetite suppressants may also be part of your individualized program. These appetite suppressants prescribed are safe and effective medications to give you the additional help with appetite, cravings, increased metabolism, or late night hunger, without unwanted side effects.

About Our Physician:

Dawit Zemichael MD, MS has been trained in both Medicine and Psychiatry. His clinical training involved studies in England, Ireland, Europe, Baltimore Maryland and Johnson City Tennessee. He was the Chief Resident and Assistant Clinical Professor at East Tennessee State University. He has a broad range of expertise benefiting each individual’s special weight loss considerations.

His approach to weight management and healthy life includes:

1) A Holistic Approach to treatment which is defined as considering the “total person”- The Physical, Mental and Spiritual aspects of each individual.

2) Helping patients to overcome the one of the biggest challenges, their weight while helping them have a pleasant weight loss journey. Dr. Zemichael and his medical staff will provide tools as counseling to teach self awareness, self esteem and confidence skills training, as well as assist in changing defeating mindset while enhancing appearance and increasing energy levels.