Suboxone Treatment

Our Suboxone treatment provides a structured program involving medication management, group therapy, urine drug screens, and monthly visits to ensure you achieve your personal goals. Dr. Zemichael provides one on one sessions to evaluate and discuss personalized treatment needs.

  • Do you struggle with relationships because of drug use?
  • Are you having problems with work or school due to addiction?
  • Are you suffering from mood swings caused by taking non-prescription or prescribed medication?
  • Do your spending habits disrupt your monthly budget?

Suboxone is the first medication approved by the federal government for the treatment of Opioid Dependence in an office setting. We provide a medically monitored approach of treating drug addiction in a confidential setting. Addiction recovery is possible. As a psychiatrist, Dr. Zemichael provides a holistic approach to addiction recovery - helping patients address social, emotional, and mental health concerns. Our office staff are positive and welcoming to all patients. Clinic hours are flexible to accommodate your busy work and home life. We offer both evening and day time hours.

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